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ALDERA DIS TICARET VE DANISMANLIK LTD. STI. takes trust and transparency seriously.provides the best products and services. In all activity areas, we work in continuous cooperation based on trust within the framework of the rule of law and ethics.
Established in Mersin City (İçel) in 2010, Aldera Co. Ltd. is the one of the reputed and experienced exporter/importer of Turkey. ALDERA is a professional processing and supplying company of bay leaf since 2010, based in Mersin TURKEY

  excels considerably in supplying broad spectrum of bay leaf that includes whole bay leaves, dried bay leaves, semi selected bay leaves, hand picked bay leaves, hand selected bay leaves, free average quality bay leaves, bay leaves by sizes, bay leaves oil, bay leaves fruit oil.
Our products are exported globally and have given us success in leaps and bounds.

It is not important how you call its name: defne yaprağı, bay leaves, feuilles de laurier, лавровый лист, lourierblare,Lorbeerblätter, dəfnə yarpağı, lovor, bobkové listy, 月桂叶, 月桂葉,bay dahon,dail llawryf, laurierblaadjes, hojas de laurel,duilleoga bhá, lagerblad, foglie di alloro,lárviðarlauf,月桂樹の葉, 베이 잎, lauru lapas,lauro lapai,babérlevél,ловоров лист,laurbærblad,folhas de louro, frunze de dafin, лавровый лист,ловор,bobkové listy,lovorjev list,lá bay, δάφνη, laurbærblade, برگ سرخ مایل به قرمز ,
 أوراق الغار
We have pleasure to offer you high quality dried green bay leaves 12Months of the year with all kind of calibration or non caliber.


No need to wait a month for preparation of products.
(We prepare your order in a week)

No need to check quality of products.
(We check your order double time)

No need to think over the shipment of products.
(We can give quotation for all ports in the world and prepare documents as your demand)

No need to worry about the company you trade.
(We are gold supplier on alibaba)


Our capacity is 10 TONS per day. It lets us prepare your 1 container order within a week. We make drying of bay leaves in three different way. First one is in shadow, second one is under the sun and third one is by our owens. We must make owen drying in autumn and winter. Our owens are the best in Turkey and it never burn bay leaves, dry them equally. See our huge drying owens below:
 Bay Leaves Owen


Are you searching dried bay leaves exporters of Turkey on internet?
If the answer is yes,you will probably find many companies and then you may contact the suppliers, you may ask samples, you may love samples, you may pay them their account directly. This sounds nice till you clear your container. Because there are many traders complaining about the quality of the product and reliability of supplier.

The most quality bay leaves grow in only  Mediterranean Area.  Therefore the source of bay leaves is the cities in Mediterranean Coast. Mersin City, with its back to the Taurus Mauntain and international port will be the best bay leaves source for your trade.

After determining the right area for your bay leaves import, you will probably find Mersin City as well as ALDERA Dis Ticaret ve Danismanlik Ltd. Sti. in order to tell us your inquiry and we will be dealing with your order once you contact us.

Our whatsapp,viber,line, wechat number is +905454241963


La Feuille de Laurier

Bay Leaf is a plant whose leaves, seeds, or flowers are used for flavoring food or in medicine. Other uses of herbs include cosmetics, dyes, and perfumes. The name derives from the Latin word herba, meaning “green crops.” Bay leavesLaurus nobilis, are also known as sweet bay, bay laurel, bay leaves, lauraceae and Turkish bay.

History. Winners of athletic contests in Ancient Greece were crowned with a wreath of laurel or bay leaves. Poets, statesmen, and war heroes of ancient times were so honored as well. Laurel was considered sacred to the god Apollo. Bay leaves were the symbol of fame, victory and peace.

Description. Bay leaves come from an evergreen bush or tree that can grow to a height of 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters). The leaves are long and pointed. The plant is native to the Mediterranean.

Gardening. Outdoors, bay trees do best in partial shade. They should be planted in soil with good drainage. They are also grown indoors as house plants, in which case the soil should be rich. The whitish flowers appear in April through May. Leaves may be used fresh or harvested and spread in a dark place to dry.

Food and Other Uses. The taste of bay leaves is described as bitter and pungent, and it ranks at two of ten on the hotness scale. Bay leaves are aromatic when crushed or burned, and they are often left to steep in liquid and removed before serving.

Bay leaves are a traditional ingredient of the French bouquet garnis. They are used in the preparation of meat, game, stuffing, soup, stew, sauces, marinade, and bland vegetables. Bay leaves are also used in the production of bay rum, which originated in the West Indies. Bayleaves are one of the characteristic Cajun spices, along with cayenne, hot pepper sauce, black and white pepper, thyme, and file powder. They are also characteristic of the cuisines of Brazil, Greece, Germany and Eastern Europe, Jamaica, and Scandinavia.

Bay leaves can be used in crafts to make dry topiary and wreaths, and may be used along with other ingredients, such as apples and rose hips, in inclusion candles. They are also used as a filler in sachets. In a different area, bay leaves are said to be effective as a roach repellent. Powdered berries from the bay tree are used in cosmetics.

Turkish Name:Defne Yapragi    

Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis L
Family Name: Lauraceae
Parts Used: Leaf
Habitat: Mediterranean region

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bay dahon
Feuilles de Laurier